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Fighting for our little ones lives.

I was so excited when we announced we are expected identical twins a few weeks ago. That floating on air feeling was quickly squashed on Tuesday when our babies started to show signs of twin to twin transfusion syndrome. This is a placental problem in which baby a is receiving more nutrients than baby b and in consequence, baby b is smaller with less amniotic fluid around them. Our babies are in stage 1 at 16 weeks. This is good. We could stay in stage 1 for a long time but more than likely stage 2 will creep upon us and action will need to be taken to save the babies lives. We are prepared to take part in the intrauterine laser ablation surgery that will help burn the blood vessels shared by the babies off in order to try and even what each baby gets. This is a terribly scary time for us. My husband and I have waited so long to start our family, trying to provide the optimum circumstances in which we could provide for our children. And now, our first pregnancy is anything but normal. We need prayers and positive thoughts sent our way. Keep us in your hearts and minds.



Dark green georgette fabric with the white and yellow design throughout the sari. It’s absolutely beautiful, and perfect for a night out or any event. Maybe even try it with a corset! A dull yellow, or silver corset, or black, or a corset like mine! There is no blouse.

$10  + shipping

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*Corset not included*

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